• Chia-Lung Hsieh, Kung-Hsuan Lin, Shr-Bin Wu, Chang-Chi Pan, Jen-Inn Chyi, and Chi-Kuang Suna, Applied Physics Letters 85(20), 4735–4737 Website
    Reflection property of nano-acoustic wave at the air∕GaN interface
We present a study on the total internal reflection of nano-acoustic waves (NAWs) at the air∕GaN interface. The coherent NAW was generated and detected by piezoelectric InGaN∕GaN multiple quantum wells using a femtosecond transient transmission technique. With suitably designed sample structures, the fact that strain of the NAW experiences a sign change after total internal reflection at the air∕solid interface is examined directly. The surface roughness of the sample was found to distort the wave front of the NAW and to diminish the measured amplitude of the reflected NAW.